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Employers FAQ

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How does pre-vetting work?
  • Near applicants complete a video interview when they sign up for our platform. Every video is reviewed to determine whether or not candidates speak English sufficiently.

Have a lot of companies worked with Near?
  • Yes! Large companies like Expensify and Deel have hired with us. Tons of startups, financial services firms, private equity firms, accounting firms, software development & design shops, SMBs & more have hired with Near.
What is your pricing?
What % of candidates are technical vs. non-technical?
  • Our candidate base is growing rapidly week-over-week, as does the percentage-makeup of candidate skill sets. On average, 50-60% of candidates are technical.
What type of roles can I hire for on Near?
  • Companies have successfully hired talented candidates with backgrounds in full-stack software development, DevOps, finance, accounting, operations, data analysis, entry and mid-level sales, marketing, design, video game development (Unity + Unreal), administration and more. Our candidate base is made up of some of the most ambitious talent in Latin America -- a big reason is that we select for English-speaking candidates who want international professional experience. These candidates are natural go-getters, which is reflected in their aptitude and professional ambitions.
How do I pay candidates after I hire them?
  • There are several ways to pay candidates after hiring them. You can hire as contracts or employees. We often advise our clients on the best path, and it could vary depending on your specific situation. We have a partnership with Deel, a payroll solution that handles onboarding and compliance for international contractors and employees. You can check out the preferred pricing you get as a Near customer here: 
What should my interview process look like?
  • Candidates have experience at small and large companies (including multinational, Fortune 100 companies). In other words, they are used to typical American/Canadian/European/etc. interview processes! Feel free to do introductory interviews, aptitude tests, work samples & more like you would with any other interview process.
How does it work?
  • Near used to be a job board! Now, we are a holistic solution for US companies wanting to build high-performing teams with top talent. We help you find, hire, onboard, pay, and retain top talent from Latin America. Most companies hire in under 21 days and often find they can save up to 70% in salaries. The best part is you can start interviewing candidates for free. There is no commitment. If you don't hire, you don't pay a cent. You can learn more on our homepage.
How much are candidate salaries?
  • The answer is “it depends.” Some companies pay the same salary regardless of where a person lives. Other companies decide to pay differently depending on their teams’ locations. At Near, our stance is that we want to create win-win outcomes for candidates and companies. Oftentimes, candidates can make significantly more than they would in their home country while their new employer actually is saving a lot compared to U.S. market salaries. Learn more about salaries in our Salary Guide.
How relevant are candidate qualifications?
  • You can expect to find great, qualified candidates for your role. We are so confident that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Candidates on Near have experience working at large international firms (e.g. Salesforce, J.P. Morgan, Exxon Mobil, Accenture, Mercado Libre, The World Bank, etc.) Most of them have, at a minimum, 4-year college degrees from reputable institutions.