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Lux and Nyx

St. Louis, MO, USA

Welcome to the community of high-achieving women (and men who are always here to support them)! We’re here to give you a daily boost of motivation and inspiration all while providing products made to help you as you go out and conquer. We frame the conversation around the gender gap, and create products and content to help high achieving women break that barrier, so she can go out and make a difference in the world. Our bags are designed to keep the woman holding them confident and clutter-free. Lux and Nyx, named after the Greek representation of “Day and Night”, was started in 2018. Founder Lisa Hu left the security of her corporate finance job to take a leap of faith and bridge the gap between function and fashion, to help create products for high-achieving women, whose needs have been overlooked. Now, we’re a company not just committed to making awesome bags, but also to sparking change through sustainable production and giving back to women’s empowerment organizations. Come join us in our fight! We’re so glad you’re here.