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Invest where you play

Invest in luxury vacation rentals for as low as $500
Earn from cash flow, price appreciation, tax benefits
Vacation in SuCasa homes at discounted rates
Built-in liquidity or sell shares on our secondary market

Are vacation rentals a good investment?

Vacation rentals generate up to 3x more revenue on average than traditional long-term rentals. Sucasa focuses on properties in markets that exhibit attractive attributes for vacation rental investments.


So, how does it all work?

We've set up the whole process to maximize your investment returns while keeping things completely hassle-free. Here's the process:

1 We purchase the property

We identify and purchase high-potential vacation rentals in target markets

2 You get the opportunity to invest

You get the opportunity to invest in the property for as low as $500

3 We renovate and manage it

We renovate, manage and operate the property to maximize rental income

4 You receive rental income

You receive rental income from the property on a quarterly basis

5 You can vacation in any SuCasa

Did we also mention you can vacation in any Sucasa home at an incredible discount?

6 Sell whenever you're ready

Get your proceeds when we sell the property or sell your stake on our secondary market