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Our Mission

Real estate ownership has been one of the biggest wealth creation engines over the past century. With the soaring costs of housing, that engine is becoming out of reach for most. The majority of us can’t afford a primary residence let alone have the capital or the time to invest in vacation rentals, one of the highest yielding real estate asset classes.

In 2021, the top vacation rental markets have appreciated in value at 2x the national rate (30% YoY) and in parallel, vacation and lodging demand has gone up 35%. Getaway is democratizing a $3.6T asset class that has historically only been accessible to the 1%. Our mission to democratize vacation rental ownership for the next generation. With Getaway, members can:

💰 Invest in luxury vacation rentals for as accessible prices

📈 Earn from cash flow, price appreciation, and tax benefits

🌴 Vacation in SuCasa homes around the world at discounted rates

Our Team

Getaway was founded by Silicon Valley product leader Amr Shafik (product and data leader at Bungalow, Thumbtack) and growth and real estate leader Ali Nichols (Bungalow, Uber). We’re a proudly remote team with people located worldwide from Miami to Toronto to Buenos Aires 🌎

Our Investors

World-class investors including Cowboy Ventures, XYZ Ventures and Night Ventures alongside world-class operators from iconic companies such as Robinhood, Plaid, Ramp, Divvy Homes, Uber, and Masterclass.