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Newport Beach, CA, USA

Curogram's goal is to empower patients with a patient-centric healthcare messaging platform and universal patient portal, solving the many challenges patients face today including inefficient communciation channels with their doctors, no centralized health history, and poor access to their own medical records that are scattered across multiple provider systems.

Today, Curogram offers the best secure patient texting app for physician practices that automates many front desk functions and enables full 2-way texting with patients. In today's world, the preferred communication channel for the majority of patients is texting, but very few physicians'‚Äč offices have the ability to text with patients. With our 2-way texting feature, Curogram has reduced client phone volumes by as much as 50%, significantly improving office staff efficiencies and improving patient satisfaction.

Curogram also offers medical practices the most advanced appointment reminders on the market, including fully customizable messaging based on appointment type, customizable sending times, and smart AI response processing.

Another great feature of Curogram is our automated text-based surveys and smart online rating requests that automates 5-star reviews for practices. With this feature, Curogram has helped numerous clients get 100+ 5-star reviews and become the top organic search result on Google in their local area.