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CD Genomics aims to provide the research community with high-quality next-generation sequencingPacBio SMRT sequencingOxford Nanopore sequencing, and microarray services. Due to increased demand for our services, CD Genomics has already updated its technology platforms to mainstream NGS, long-read sequencing, and microarray instruments. At present, our senior bioinformaticians have viewed more than 10,000 trace files and accumulated rich experience with our Illumina HiSeq X, Illumina MiSeq, PacBio Sequel II, Oxford Nanopore MinION, Oxford Nanopore PromethIONMGI DNBSEQ-G400, MGI DNBSEQ-T7Illumina iScan, and Sequenom MassARRAY iPLEX Goldetc. We continue to strive to offer the same reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academia and government agencies, for all your sequencing or array needs.