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Durabasics, founded in 2017, has seen tremendous growth and is looking to expand. The company sells a variety of consumer goods products in varying categories, such as home and kitchen, industrial and scientific, and office products.

Our team is located around the world. We have three employees in the United States and three international full time independent contractors -- all working remotely. We have a strong focus on core values and team culture -- see below for our core values. Our team’s success is attributed to strongly adhering to our values.

Our Culture and Core Values (these are non-negotiables for our team)

  • Have a Growth Mindset: We are always pushing ourselves and the business further. We are not satisfied unless we are developing ourselves and the overall business. We seek out opportunities, knowledge, and experiences to better ourselves personally and professionally through continuous improvement.

  • Dedicated, Hardworking & Accountable: We are accountable to each other and to our customers, who have given us their trust. We are all rowing the boat in the same direction. We deliver high quality work on time so our coworkers know they can rely on us.

  • A Team of Problem Solvers: We critically think about issues that arise and offer solutions instead of only problems during conversations.

  • Self Starting, Tenacious & Takes Initiative: We are constantly looking for ways to improve the business and take initiative to get it done. We are tenacious in our actions.

  • Makes Data Driven Decisions: We use data to help inform the best decisions possible while minimizing emotion-driven biases.