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Candidates FAQ

What's Near?

Near is a job board for LatAm candidates who want to get remote jobs at US companies, with higher wages.


What kind of companies post jobs on Near?

We only allow US companies to post jobs on Near. This way we ensure you'll be paid in dollars and increase your chances of getting a higher salary.


What kind of jobs can I find on Near?

Any kind! We've got positions for candidates with backgrounds in sales, finance, engineering, operations, marketing and data.


Is there a requirement to become a Near candidate?

You need to have a solid spoken and written english level. It's not necessary to be bilingual, but you must be able to communicate effectively using English language. That's why everything in Near's job board is in English :)


How do I get paid?

How you are paid is ultimately decided between you and your employer.

There are many ways to receive your salary. Digital payment methods like Payoneer, Wise or Paypal are some of the most commonly used. Other options include:

  • International wire transfers to your local bank account
  • Crypto payments
  • Wire transfers to your US bank account

We also formed a partnership with Deel. Employers use Deel's platform to give flexibility to employees when choosing how to withdraw their funds. 

You don't have to receive your payment in your local currency if you don't want to.


What does it mean to be hired as a contractor?

It means that you're an overseas independent worker. Your salary is paid in full (i.e. no deductions) and you take care of paying your healthcare and taxes in your home country. It's usually the best deal for both sides – i.e. you receive more money.


Does Near take a percentage of my salary??

Nope! Near doesn’t take a percentage of your salary payments as a fee. 


When do I get paid?

It depends on what you and your employer have agreed upon. US companies normally pay their teams either every 2 weeks or once a month.


Do I need to pay taxes in the US?

If you are not a US resident, then you don’t. For the IRS your income will be non-US sourced so you won’t be paying any US taxes since you are responsible for paying them in your local jurisdiction. 


Can I work full time for a US employer?

Sure you can, you can engage in different types of work contracts: full time job, work on specific projects, hourly based work – it depends on what you agree with your US employer.


Do I need to issue any form or legal documents?

Your employer might require you to fill a W8-BEN form. This is a form in which you declare that you are not a US resident and therefore not subject to tax withholding either.